Spencer Private Hospitals
Hospitals Margate

Address: Ramsgate Rd, CT9 4BG

Phone: 01843 234555

ZIP Code: CT9 4BG

Latitude: 51.373048

Longitude: 1.388608

Spencer Private Hospitals

Description - Spencer Private Hospitals Hospitals Margate

‘Spencer Private Hospitals’ are two hospitals situated in South East Kent, owned and operated by East Kent Medical Services Limited. The larger of the two hospitals is a 22 bed independent hospital situated in Margate which has been open since October 1998. The second hospital is a 4 bed independent hospital in Ashford which opened in November 2008. Both hospitals have a reputation for providing excellent medical and surgical facilities supported by Specialist Consultants, Specialist Nurses and Physiotherapists. We have state of the art diagnostic equipment and exceptionally high standards of nursing care.