The Vasectomy Reversal Centre
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The Vasectomy Reversal Centre

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Whatever your circumstances we can help you. Around 500 men per year come to The Vasectomy Reversal Centre for skilled microsurgical vasectomy reversal surgery to regain their fertility so that they can become fathers once more. We have a long history of being trusted with over 370 testimonials and getting results.
Our success rates for vasectomy reversal are analysed regularly to ensure that they continue to improve. The latest audit from May 2013 shows that there is continued improvement across all times since vasectomy.
Success is defined as the presence of live sperm at 3 months analysis or pregnancy within 3 months. After years of performing hundreds of microsurgical vasectomy reversals every year, Mr Harriss has refined his technique, and continues to do so to maximise your chances of success.