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Prostate Cymru

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We are mainly a voluntary group dedicated to fighting Prostate Cancer, Procuring equipment and raising awareness here in the Welsh Principality. Annually throughout the UK men’s prostate cancer claims 11, 000 lives, with up to 32, 000 new cases diagnosed. They are rare in men under 50, but the condition becomes more pronounced and common with age. Help us fight this deadly disease, help us make difference. Holding events, fund raisers, procuring services and equipment, raising awareness and lobbying for improvements in men’s prostate health care. From a small founding team with a strong passion, Prostate Cymru is growing daily into the Fast moving, driven and effective charity it is today. We’re A Welsh Charity, For Welsh Prostate Sufferers… Prostate Cymru, is the leading charity in Wales working with medical and nursing professionals in the fight against all prostate diseases, especially benign prostate disease (BPH) and prostate cancer.
Benign prostate disease (BPH) or enlargement of the prostate; is a very common disease that can cause significant urinary symptoms in men affecting the quality of their lives. BPH starts to cause symptoms in middle age and at 80 years of age, the majority of men will have this disorder. Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer in Welsh men. Annually 2500 men are diagnosed and 550 will die from the disease. Prostate cancer is 17\% more common in Welshmen compared to Englishmen. The reason for this is not known.
For the last decade, Prostate Cymru has sought to: 3. Establish ‘state of the art treatments’ for both prostate cancer and BPH in Wales – through a variety of fundraising events, working closely with Surgeons and Local Health Boards(LHBs) and petitioning the Welsh Government. I would like to thank everyone that has helped Prostate Cymru in any way during our first exciting and emotional decade of operating. Hundreds of thousands of man hours that have tirelessly been offered across a breath taking spectrum of events. From F…