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Address: Horsham Road, RH4 2AA

Phone: 01306 735459

ZIP Code: RH4 2AA

Latitude: 51.169485

Longitude: -0.317388

Dorking Hospital

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The Dorking GP practices have a long history of working together and trying to improve services for Dorking patients. In September 2004, Dr Jonathan Richards and Michael Arnaud presented a proposal to the Dorking GPs. The aim was to improve and expand outpatient services provided in the local community hospital. At that meeting we decided to form a provider organisation to deliver this aim. Dorking Healthcare LLP (DHC) is a partnership of every single partner in the six Dorking practices (covering 40, 000 patients).
We had analysed the pattern of outpatients and found that less than 30% of appointments for Dorking patients were held at Dorking Hospital. We audited Dorking Outpatients Department and found it had a 30% occupancy rate.